Throwback thursdayyyy! Dat architecture

Tejina Academy was a collab I was part of on SJ with a whooole bunch of other mega talented people, but ofc as all collab comics do, it died a slow, painful death…….. Such good memories though omg haha

Top 2 from 2009, bottom 2 from 2010 :-D looking at my stuff from ‘10 makes me wanna weep that was like the peak of my talent wtf

Utopia night!! This episode was like, ESPECIALLY intense wtf

Comic updated today! :D

Because these last few updates will be pretty sporadic I’ll just notify on tumblr that there’s been an update. And I was doing so well with the update schedule, too!

For new followers, my comic is about my time at university! It’s mostly just for me to practice, but I still hope everyone who reads it enjoys it :-))))

My superhero-self for nickels’ story!! Character form is here if anyone wants to join :D

Name: The Pocket Grandma
Age: 20
Gender: F
Personality: Fairly lazy but will do things if deemed necessary. Tries to act tough, but is overly-friendly and gullible.
Weapons: A big, solid gold bat
Powers: Can conjure things out of nowhere (I think that was my one? Ignore if not haha)
Role: Neutral Good “hero”
Goal: Simply to look out for family & friends
Abilities: Eating a lot at once, gathering info on people, fitting in to small spaces
Disabilities: Most exercise (incl. Running, climbing, walking etc), character judgement
Likes: Puppies
Dislikes: Sour cream
Backstory: Unknown, but insists that she was raised by Sailor Moon and Wonder Woman.

Throwback thursday!! 2008 again… reposting these feels like sucking on a lemon :L

Still heavy in my weeb phase, obsessed with Arina Tanemura (obvi) and too lazy to find out how to do proper screentones but not lazy enough to draw every. single. lil. dot. for shading.

This comic panel took MUCH longer than necessary wwwwwwwwwww 

Utopiaaaa yesterday! Jessica is sucha a fricken BAMF, I need to draw more of her.

I wanna start doing throwback thursdays with my old art stuff!! I recently rediscovered all of my old files and the computer they’re on is basically dead, so I’ve salvaged the stuff I still care for!

These are the first appearances of Dulce from 2008, the OOOOLDEST stuff I could find, my goodness!! Baby all growed up now

More sketches for part 2 of Utopia episode 1 yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssss

Also comparison thingies are fun!! My first season 1 doodles from last year VS season 2 doodles from just now!


Utopia is back, AND SO ARE MY DOODLES

I forgot how beautifully messed up this show is. I LOVE IT

ursubs answered: how about.. animating her trying to stay awake?

I TRIED lkdfhsjkh;;;hahaha oh jeez

Recently I downloaded some animation software, so I decided to make a character to practice animating with!! Meet Duckie :D 

I still dunno what I’ll try with her yet, but i’m totally open to suggestions! Nothing too weird, please?

Whomp, I accidently went AWOL on this comic for a bit, but no worries, i’m back!! I’ve changed the update schedule from Mondays & Fridays to Wednesdays & Sundays :)

You can read it here~