Freudian Slip

Another portrait of one of my wunderful friends!! Thank u Tasha for letting me borrow your viságe

Portraiture is really relaxing oh my goodness. I’m practising with pictures of some of my friends (obvi with their permission… don’t wanna be a creeper, now)

Thank you Amy for letting me paint yo beautiful face!! <3

Another portrait done! Seriously need to work on hair, eyes… and obviously, bodies ><

lil mermaid I drew while I was away over the weekend! I’ll probably end up colouring it yeahhh

Working on another!! Wish me luck lol ;U;;;; 

i prefer 2013!

(Same tbh haha. But I think the recent one fits her personality a bit more :L)

This can be an early tbt actually because i’ll be away this thursday ~*~*~

Even I forgot I was working on this

Also Audrey Hepburn because ??? Why not!

Done! 2 versions, idk which one I prefer ><


Deets + Progress

I need to practice my scenery stuff a bit ><

Forgot it was thursday, oops! Throwback to 2010 againnn :-) I’m not entirely sure what I was thinking when drawing this comic… just… vegetable people, man. Wild.