Utopiaaaa yesterday! Jessica is sucha a fricken BAMF, I need to draw more of her.

I wanna start doing throwback thursdays with my old art stuff!! I recently rediscovered all of my old files and the computer they’re on is basically dead, so I’ve salvaged the stuff I still care for!

These are the first appearances of Dulce from 2008, the OOOOLDEST stuff I could find, my goodness!! Baby all growed up now

More sketches for part 2 of Utopia episode 1 yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssss

Also comparison thingies are fun!! My first season 1 doodles from last year VS season 2 doodles from just now!


Utopia is back, AND SO ARE MY DOODLES

I forgot how beautifully messed up this show is. I LOVE IT

ursubs answered: how about.. animating her trying to stay awake?

I TRIED lkdfhsjkh;;;hahaha oh jeez

Recently I downloaded some animation software, so I decided to make a character to practice animating with!! Meet Duckie :D 

I still dunno what I’ll try with her yet, but i’m totally open to suggestions! Nothing too weird, please?

Whomp, I accidently went AWOL on this comic for a bit, but no worries, i’m back!! I’ve changed the update schedule from Mondays & Fridays to Wednesdays & Sundays :)

You can read it here~

Today I visited Arundel Castle with the fam and although we didn’t get to go inside the castle or the cathedral (we were too late arriving lol;;;) I managed to take some great reference photos!! I figured I’d share some here as well because hey, you can never get enough castle refs ~*~*~

Obviously feel free to reference these for your drawings n stuff!! Just please don’t repost or claim these as your own ahah

Cause I’m a real butt for regularly posting on tumblr, if anyone wants to keep up with me/my art then you can follow me on my instagram (pocketgrandma)!

Lots of stuff is happening irl right now, my cousin from Brazil whom I haven’t seen in 2 years is coming down to visit, I’m taking care of some students staying at our house, plus i’m trying to make the most of what time I have left at home spending it with my friends that I probably won’t see for about a year, so busy busy! But at least on insta I can show that I am indeed still working on art, as slowly as it is taking haha.

Thank you followers old and new for supporting me and my art!! <33

*continues to work on too many things at once*


This is a 10 minute drawing of Dulce, an original character by my fwuend Ashling! She’s been a pretty big support and inspiration to me. She tolerates me more than she should have to.

This reblog is totally late but everyone LOOKIE LOOOOK!!! My friend Vicky drew Dulce and she looks absolutely amazing in her style ahhh!! Definitely check out more of Vicky’s stuff, she’s artist to keep an eye out for in the future!! :’D

I know it’s a lie, I want it to be true

The rest of the ride, is riding on You

I need to be


Unafraid of my days

Without You

Recently I’ve had a big influx of followers just out of nowhere, so thank you everyone!! I hope you keep interested in my work, hopefully I’ll have a lot more to put up soon! At the mo I’m an animation student so apart from comics, that’s my main focus right now, so I figured I’d tell yous about my youtube channel where I’ll post my animations! BOOP (Ashlingdraws) :D

There’s not a lot there just yet, but again, hopefully I’ll be posting more stuff up soon! Thank you all for your suppooooort <3