Experiences in learning how to dance!

Went to a Swing dance class for the first time today - I have no rhythm and there were times I forgot to move my feet but it was really fun!! Defs going next week :D 

For the first project of the semester, I get to draw MERMAIDS!! Hence why I’ve been so mermaid-y lately! My group for the project are making mermers based off actual fish :D

# Rebel Rebel #

Suprise! The mermaids are part of a THING #mermaid #sketch #doodle

Tomorrow our flat is having a Toga party and I really do not have the kind of energy for that

Daily doodle! Listening to LDR, getting sad & nostalgic about things that haven’t even happened to me, u kno how it is

La La La

Daily sketcharoo! Too busy to work on anything proper @@;;

Daily sketcharoo! Too busy to work on anything proper @@;;


I’m sooooo sorry, I’m so dang awful for keeping up-to-date with my OL presence and talking to people here dhfkjshf!!!! SO SORRY EVERYONE I’M AWFUL;;;;;

Genuinely bros if you’ve sent me a message & I haven’t responded just keep resending until I reply, stuff gets lost in my mail/twitter/etc esp when I don’t stay consistently active :S

Stuff is super busy atm! Lots of things happening at once, I need to organize myself a bit. But! I do want to try to draw & upload one new thing every day, soooo lets see how that goes! I’m also falling behind on #tbt, I’ll try to get back on that next week!

Thank you everyone who still follows me and wants to keep updated with my art, YOU’RE ALL STARS <333 And my friends that I’m awful with keeping in contact with, bless you for not losing your temper with me and thank you for sticking with me ahah <333

LOTS OF LOVE!! Stay in school, kids xoxo

Freudian Slip

Another portrait of one of my wunderful friends!! Thank u Tasha for letting me borrow your viságe

Portraiture is really relaxing oh my goodness. I’m practising with pictures of some of my friends (obvi with their permission… don’t wanna be a creeper, now)

Thank you Amy for letting me paint yo beautiful face!! <3

Another portrait done! Seriously need to work on hair, eyes… and obviously, bodies ><