*vows never to draw meg again*

*draws her the next day*

Couldn’t decide which way I like this better, so here, have both!

"And Now For Something Completely Different!"

Was playing around on my friend Vicky’s version of photoshop, somehow ended up painting a cross between Lorde, Evanescence and a Herbal Essences ad…


We finally finished our group character animation for uni, hurraaaaahhh! It’s a little rough in parts as we had a deadline to meet, but overall I’m very chuffed with what we managed to produce!

Made by myself, Ashling Larkin, Yvonne Chiu and Martin Leman.

Lookie-look! Steve in MOTION :D Sarah’s pretty much covered what it is already haha - thank you for watching and supporting!

cobracave said: whoa this is super cool looking bro. you did a great job. also steve has a fly booty

Thank you dude!! Yeah she does, it’s actually kinda embarrassing how much time i spent on her butt tbh. But obviously, it paid off :’)

…ANDDDD my 3D turnaround of my character, Steve (Yes. Steve.)! I just finished it today - again, SUPER MASSIVE THANKS TO ANDREW! Literally couldn’ta done it without ya, son.

Updated Megara animation! This round better timed and better quality :)


panda744 said: Amazing work Ashling!

cobracave said: lookin’ good bro *u*b

Thank you so much guys!! :’)

Megara animation for uni! It’s only 3 seconds long when it’s supposed to be 5… I need to reshoot this anyway to make it better quality, so i’ll just hold it for longer at the beginning and the end of the animation. I’m a vile cheater.

Animation is all mine, Megara belongs to Disney!

it really…. bugged me

* February * March * April * May *

Learning how 2 maya!! I’m so behind the rest of my class pahahah. Also, maHOOsive thanks to Andrew who’s been helping us all in class, he’s a literal genius on maya, my goodness!! (hahaha… MAYA goodness…)

Check out his work guys! And follow me on instagram @pocketgrandma for more updates whaaattt subtle!

The full page comic!

I wish I had other things to put on here instead of regurgitating stuff that I’ll be putting up elsewhere too (Boop!) but I’m so swamped with uni work, it’s unreal @@;

My hand-in date for uni is the 21st though, so by then everything will be done so not only will I be able to show everyone what I’ve been working on but I’ll be able to work on shiny, brand new stuff too :’)

…But, until then, have a constant flow of recurring comics :L

panda744 replied to your post: Panel from one of my comics :) Hope ev…

Soooo pretty!

Thanks dude!

beaujasmin replied to your post: Panel from one of my comics :) Hope ev…

holy crap dude you’ve leveled up fo realz

Ahh really?? Ty so much Isu haha, I was actually hesitant to post this anywhere cause I wasn’t sure if it was good enough lol;;;;

Panel from one of my comics :)

Hope everyone’s having/had a lovely week!!

I’ll probably die drawing comics. Then i’d draw a comic about it